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well, if you're running a 42 tooth sprocket on 26" wheels, and all of your friends are running 44 tooth (or bigger) sprockets on 26" wheels, you WILL be faster because your gear ratio is taller.
the easiest and cheapest way to make a bike get faster top end speeds is to change the gear ratio (a smaller sprocket will give you more top end, a bigger sprocket will give you more low end torque).
even if your friends bikes have the same 42 sprocket as you, but you have taller tires (or wheels) you will still be faster.
wheel size, tire size and sprocket size all effect the gear ratio and speeds.
i have a 50 c.c. 2 stroke on a 20" bike with 20" wheels and a 41 tooth sprocket.
it will outrun my friends 80 c.c. on a 24 inch bike with 24" wheels and a 44 tooth sprocket.
if you really want to go fast, drop to a 32 tooth rear sprocket and you might get up to 40 mph.
BUT, you'd have to probably peddle the bike up to about 10 mph before you could let the clutch out because it wouldn't have much bottom end torque for take off.
(i never pedal my bikes, i ride them like motorcycles & i use the clutch to take off from a dead stop. I just coast down my driveway, pop the clutch to get the engine running & take off...i never pedal).

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