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Default Re: Butterscootch Blunder - Don't buy Huffy

Originally Posted by JonnyR View Post
yea i dont know alot of china bikes come with crappy bearings me i dont like most of the parts he used i wouldnt buy another sky hawk kit until they get there act together the muffler clogs and the CNS V3 is a junk carb i also i would never drill the frame for the stud mount it leads to disaster and not having 2 brakes is a horrible idea
no matter if its a skyhawk or a boygofast china engine...ALL mufflers that come with these engines will clog eventually. the only cure is to get rid of the stock muffler and go with an expansion chamber OR gut the stock muffler, remove the thing that's supposed to be a catyletic converter & rebuild it with a modified baffle for better flow. (yes, it can still be quiet when you do this).
the cat. piece is what causes these mufflers to clog up so fast.
if you've never seen one, you need to. all they are is an oil trap.
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