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Default Re: looking foward to my motor arriving!!

Its finally arrived. yahoo!!!!

thanks for the run in advice that gives me a clearer idea of how to do it.

Have decided not to go for mounting it in the chopper just yet and have got it mounted in my mountain bike instead.

should have everything mounted by bed tonight and ready for testing tommorow.

i am going to have make up a different tensioner as the one supplied does not even have a bearing in it.

I am really glad i have been reading so much here as i was expecting to be able to use the engine for braking down a few long steep descents i do regularly but now understand that this aint a very good idea due to closed throttle therefore lack of lubricant and i suppose cold running the engine. Shame but at least i found out the easy and cheap way not the hard and expensive way.

I now have a bit of a delema because those long descents i use to tackle by just using my "air brakes" by going 60-70kph (38-44mph) but i am worried that if i do that with the clutch in i will be asking for trouble as if the clutch for some reason accidentally engaged my engine would be toast and me probably to.
I am a big boy ~300 pounds and chew through the brakes if i try to use them on long descents.

oh well i better get back to it
photos tommorow i hope
thanks again for all the advice
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