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Default Re: How are most bikes stolen on this forum

I got this lock at Target because it incorporates a kevlar tether in the cable, so it would require power tools and a lot of time to cut through the lock. I only plan on leaving my bike outside in chill public spaces, so this should be sufficient. The same kevlar material is used in body armor and formula car wheel tethers.

If you live where somebody can get away with hacking your frame in half to steal all the components, or a place where people try to survive stealing bicycles, I sincerely hope that things work out so that you can find a better neighborhood, because that's not cool. I can identify, I had my subwoofer box stolen out of my trunk in my own driveway in Marin a couple years ago. it must have been an inside job with a shady roommates friends or something because they managed to pick a day when I forgot to lock my trunk.

I say, if you can manage to bring your bikes in at night, that's a good thing. I keep my bikes inside because everybody in town is interested when I ride them, and you can just pick them up and walk away. At least with a motorcycle it's too heavy to move easily if it has been all locked up.

I figure that the kevlar lock will be enough deterrent, even if they start cutting into it because the stuff is incredibly resilient. It's a really long lock so you might be able to wrap it around both wheels and loop it through the frame so everything is secured.

You could use some tamper resistant hardware on your engine mounts to prevent that flying away. It's really sad to read threads like this, because they verify that my paranoia is justified, which sucks. I have a living room full of bikes because I can't trust people in my suburban town, not even my landlord's family. sigh...
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