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Default Re: How are most bikes stolen on this forum

Originally Posted by 2stroker View Post
My whole kit slide's right off my bike in about as matter of 20secs so I dont have the problem of thieves. People always ask me to show them how easy it is to remove my bumblebeebolton off my bike and when i show em they are amazed with the idea..its funny they say there's no way your whole kit just comes right off your bike..then i say oh ya..pull my r-pin disconnect the throttle cable from the handle and its off!
There was another guy on the forum here, I forget who, but he did just that. Went to work, pulled up, parked his bike outside but didnt lock it, removed his bumblebee and took it into work with him, came out, bike was gone. What good is the engine with no bike to re-attach it to? Thieves will take a bike with or without an engine, and it doesnt matter if it looks like a piece of crap or not, they will still take it if they want it. Also, I wouldn't be going around showing so many people how easy it is to remove. The first time you are in a rush or think you're only going to be a minute or two and dont bother taking your engine off (and it could happen, people do get busy or lazy sometimes) your engine will be gone.
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