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Default Re: Choke lever? hard to get going

Originally Posted by obadboystanley View Post
What does the choke lever do?
If I have it all the way up my motor wont start.
If I have it all the way down my engine starts.
If I slowly bring it up once the motor is on, itll shut off.

Another thing it takes some real pedaling to get it the motor started.
Does it have to do with the weather,choke lever,spark plug?
I ordered a ngk spark plug by the way.
Over here I posted a couple of times on a question something like this...

With the lever all the way up, it's a very fuel-rich environment, swinging it down allows more air to mix in. I usually start with the lever up and give it a few seconds before I open up the choke, just until the idle of the engine steadies a bit. I also pedal along with the motor for the first few minutes from a cold start. (On the stock Carb of C'Thulu I never had to adjust the choke, it would start easily with it wide open).


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