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Default Re: How are most bikes stolen on this forum

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
The thing is, a lock isn't going to help much. Even if you've got a lock that's so strong it couldn't be cut in a 100 years, and even if it's wrapped around your frame, and attached to a 12,000 lb battleship anchor, in 3 minutes I'll just cut you frame in half and throw your bike in my van. I don't want you frame anyway, it has serial numbers on it. I want your wheels, brakes, seat, lights, motor, expensive accessorys, and whatever else you've got of value on your bike.

That's why my lock only cost $6, and my alarm $5.

That's why no matter how much money you spend on a lock, it isn't going to do you much good, unless it's on your garage door.
Sure, someone can cut my frame. But when its sitting outside of my house, my wife or myself is going to hear it. And when I am out, I always park my bike in the most visible place possible. You would probably think this is the opposite of what should be done, but think about it. Not many thieves are going to have the cajones to cut a bicycle in half with a hundred or more witnesses. Having a cheap lock makes it easier to steal, regardless. If I were a thief, and I saw your bike with a cheap lock and a cheap alarm, I would take it. I guarantee you that. I dont even care about the alarm, because I am going to break the lock before the alarm even goes off. If I were a thief, and I saw my bike with a heavy steel chain and padlock, I would have to decide whether I wanted to do the amount of work it would take to cut the frame in half, or find something easier to steal. But a bike with a cable lock and cheap alarm (if the lock is cheap then the alarm is too, is what every thief that sees your bike is saying to himself), no problem. I would steal your bike in a heartbeat if I were a thief. Thieves dont care if you are only away from your bike for a minute or two. Thats long enough to break or cut through a cheap lock. If a tube cutter can cut through a cable lock, bolt cutters surely can. And like I said, I have lived at my current residence for almost a year, and no one has successfully messed with my bike yet. I even forgot to lock it up one night and didnt realize it till I went out to work on it again the next day. It was still sitting right there, untouched.
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