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Default Re: Why build a motorbike???

I built my first one to get around without a drivers license, that was almost 3 years and 50+ bikes ago.

Like many here I have always been a guy that can look at something and want to understand it and can't help but see what could be better.

After 30 years of riding the custom built Personal Computer wave I was burnt out on that and then out the blue Motorized Bikes came along.

Manuals? We don't need no stinking Manuals! (blazing saddles badges reference).
In short none of these kits go together like Lego's and the manuals are a joke so there is a level of mechanical skill and creativity involved in not only how it looks sitting still but how mechanically sound and safe it is to ride.
I can get downright anal about both.

Though I usually get 50 miles riding time a week in on whatever my current ride is I don't 'build to ride' or 'ride to build' anymore, I build for a living just doing the fun parts I like to do.

My official 'Arizona Certificate of Trade Name' for KC's Kruisers came in this week and I'll have my Business License in a couple of weeks, and I have a line of trained staff to turn the wrench's and do the test rides.

To address the Topic 'Why build a motorbike???' well, turns out I am pretty good at it and having a blast doing the parts I like working from home and making a living having fun.

A job is only work if the work you do isn't fun and I'm having a ball ;-}
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