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Default Re: Hello from Michigan

Welcome to the forum. The book mentioned, "Early Motorcycles" is excellent and well worth the money. If I remember right, I ordered mine through amazon.

Anybody who has been on the planet for any length of time has things to feel stressed by, sad about losing those important to us, worries over the future, regrets from the past. A good antidote for me is a bike ride of even just a few miles... listening to the engine, seeing the road unfold in front of me is like a moving meditation and never fails to clear my mind and bring a smile. it is good medicine. And having my buddy, Aaniimoosh the wonder dog next to me in a sidecar made from a canoe is a hoot!

Like many of us, as a boy I sometimes pretended my bicycle had a motor and wished it did have one. Playing cards in the spokes helped the illusion, but I had no idea what the real experience would be. Even if you've grown up with motorcycles, there is something very special about a simple bicycle with a motor put putting along. When I ride I may look like an elder pushing seventy, but on the inside is a thrilled twelve year old boy. Woohoo!
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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