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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Wickedest1 View Post
Got a new tension wheel from bgf...much sturdier than the one that came with the kit...hooked up the voltmeter to check my rpms and voltage output......been trying to figure out how to direct wire a 6 volt flashlight to work when the bike is far I've failed with 3 different flashlights wired currently...beginning to think its not going to work...oh and changed my 2 stroke mix down to far it purrs well and runs strong...
I used to try running regular small bulbs off the white wire. I found that the only thing I could make work, kinda, are the small 7.5V screw in bulbs I got from Radio Shack. If ya go only 6V you'll blow the bulb when ya rev the engine. Thing is, those little bulbs make it legal, but they don't put out enough light.
You can buy the bulbs and the small socket from The Shack. They are in the slide out trays in the metal cabinet usually in the back of the store.
But like I said, NOT ENOUGH LIGHT. I'm using a 12V 7.5amp safety light backup battery to run my electrics.(they're cheap.) I can use a car headlight if I wanted to. I just plug it in once a week to charge.
I don't know how far along Sgt. Howard is with his light setup, but I think he's got all the bugs worked out for a LED lightset to run off the white wire. I'll look him up and check it out.

Found him at:

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