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Default Re: How are most bikes stolen on this forum

Originally Posted by MitchP View Post

It's a shrowded key lock. a BlackBurn Folsom to be exact. For for $30 more I could have gotten the warrantied one but nah. If some ^$%# steals my bike, I'll look for it, but end up building again.

I just bought a bikelink card. For 5 cents an hour it stays out of the rain and out of a 'predator's' view at my community college.


Did you have the OnGaurd equipped when your bike was stolen?
No, I didnt. I figured a cable lock would be enough, and the fact that noone around here would really know how to ride it, I mean come on, hopping on it and trying to pedal away would be fairly difficult, I figure they came by with a truck while I was at work. Now, I use a U lock (The OnGuard), much harder to cut through, I leave my bike always in a line of sight if I cant lock it to something. You guys are right though, if someone wants it bad enough, they'll get it. The cell phone is an extra tool to recover it when that happens (people in the computer security field know, you cant stop a hacker, if they want in bad enough, they'll get in, so firewalls have moved from prevention to detection > reaction). However making the bike as unappealing as possible to steal (alarm, strong locks, etc.) will help a LOT (at my new job now, the bike sits in a chain link fence area with barbed wire all along the top, only way to get in or out is with a key card, and theres two cameras watching the bike/smoking area.)

EDIT: I was thinking about a design, a cable-U hybrid. I read that if you lock your back tire up to a rack you'll be fine because it makes the bike [temporarily] unridable if they go ahead and remove it (plus our bikes having two chains, it's a pain, I hate taking the back wheel off), and if they choose to try and cut it with a hack saw, the tension of the spokes will clamp the hacksaw in place, rendering it useless. my idea (maybe its been done?) uses a strong U-lock shell (for protection against bolt cutters), and inside it is a high tension cable that when they attempt to cut through it with a hacksaw or power tool, the cable will "clamp" the tool in the shell, again rendering it useless. Then of course the weak link would be the locking mechanism, but considering alot of U-locks nowadays have upwards of 25 tons of force before they break (which I assume most truck bumpers would get pulled off long before then), I dont think pulling will be an issue. then the only thing left to worry about is the actual locking mechanism itself. So what if, similar to that LoJack for bikes thing, you use a keychain to electronically unlock a set of deadbolts from the inside, no key to screw with, perhaps just a hole to insert a AA battery. The only con of this is they could get around the cable by simply grinding a larger hole (which would weaken the shell and potentially make it a weapon against the thief or bike), so making it look like a generic U-lock and not leaving a brand on it would help even more, not letting a thief know what to expect. Opinions?

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