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Default Re: How are most bikes stolen on this forum

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
Unless your bike is in your locked garage, never let it out of your sight for more than 2 minutes. Carry a cable lock for use during those 2 minutes. Out of sight is ok if you have an alarm, and you're not more than 25 feet from your bike. Then it can be out of your sight for 5 minutes as long as you're close enough to hear the alarm.

A cable lock wont stop a 5 year old from stealing your bike. Maybe that's why you never let it out of your site for more than 2 minutes. Let me give you an example. My brother gave me a bike that he had left sitting in a storage unit when he moved out of state. He had left a keyed cable lock on it, and since I didnt have the key, I would have to use my own lock if I wanted to keep the bike outside. I didnt want to leave his lock on there, because I didnt want people thinking I had stolen it. I attempted to pick the lock with a metal nail file, but I was unable to pick it. So it would seem that it was a fairly decent lock, right? Wrong. I have a tool left over from fixing the brake lines on my wife's car, that is known as a tube cutter. In case anyone does not know what this tool is or does, I will explain it. It has two discs that are sharp and do the cutting, and a knob which you turn to tighten or loosen the tool. What you do is open it up wide enough to fit around the tube you want to cut, then tighten it and rotate it around the tube until it cuts through. It is not made for cutting hard steel or anything solid, only for cutting very thin tubing, such as brake lines and the like. Soft metals. Well, I used it to cut through my brother's cable lock in less than a minute. And I'm not even a thief. I know that someone who is a thief has probably already come up with the idea, because if you want to steal something, you will think of a way to do it. On my bike, I use a very heavy steel chain and a case-hardened padlock. I went to Lowe's and asked for 3 feet of the heaviest chain they had. It would take a very powerful electric tool to cut through it. And because my padlock is case-hardened, it resists cutting, which probably means it would require a power tool as well. I have lived at my current residence for almost a year, and my bike has not been stolen. I go to Walmart or any place else and chain it up outside to something secure, and leave it for as long as I need to be in the store or wherever. I think that if you cant trust it out of your sight for more than a few minutes, you're either SERIOUSLY paranoid, or you need to move. You also need something better than a cable lock.
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