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Default Re: Why build a motorbike???

When I built my first bike, it was to be primarily a cheap means of transportation. I did not realize at the time how much fun I would have riding it, or how much I would come to enjoy working on it. I quickly learned how enjoyable it was to ride, and in that aspect it became habit forming very quickly. I did not come to enjoy working on it quite as quickly, because I had no mechanical experience when I started, and did not know that these forums existed. It took me almost 4 months to get my first bike to the point where it would stay on the road, and I found that process to be very frustrating. At the end of that process, I finally began to see how capable I had become, and it was at that point that I began to enjoy working on it much more. My current philosophy is build to ride, because every component that I add to my bike enhances my ability to ride and enjoy my bike. I have finally built a bike that is meant to handle some rough riding, but also looks stylish and is comfortable and enjoyable to ride. I have also become much more mechanically skilled since building my second bike, and have now been able to install performance parts for the engine as well as some higher quality bicycle components. l I have in fact replaced every component of the bicycle itself, and I'm very happy with the components I have chosen to replace the stock components. My bike is nearly fully complete now. I am just waiting on some components that I have ordered for my lighting system. Once I install those, I'm done building on this beast for a good little while.
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