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Default Re: Why build a motorbike???

It's been very practical for me. Some tinkering, which i'm getting more soft on in my older days -58- it tends to stress me and leave me with aches and pains- but it's been fun and interesting- and since I was an old racing cyclist and bike shop mechanic, familiar and interesting for me to see what kind of fusion I could put together- both ridable and as a motor. But I also had a mini bike as a kid, once wanted to race enduro go carts before graduating to F-1.

I got into it just after being in a flood and losing most of my stuff and having to find emegency accomodations, so since I have limited income, I've saved a lot on gas here in Jacksonville where I can now ride year round. I still prefer to pedal when I can, but some health problems limit that, while I can still motor AND pedal a bit on the MB, and do light errands and shopping just as fast as in the car.

And all under 50lbs. When I was living in the apartment, I was pushing the bikes up a flight of stairs.
30 mph, under 50 lbs, and for a very small investment- You can shut the motor off and still easily pedal
can't beat that!

I'm using less than a quarter tank of wat in the old Ford a month....

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