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Smile hello from New Zealand (the pimple on the bum of the world)

hello from (apparently) the art deco capital of the world.
i recently ordered & recieved a black 70cc kit.

it is approching summer here, temperatures are still rising, 18 deg C. today.
winters we get frosts but no snow where i am, luckily/thankfully, & at sea level.

i do have quite a few questions, & not sure where to start.

i have owned 5 scooters/mopeds in my time whilst on this planet, current is a 2006 50cc yamaha jog
which i absolutely love to death.
i have never played with carburetors/ fuel mixtures (never had to)

Q: is there any difference between silver/chrome/black chineese engines?

i want to replace HT lead & spark plug cap & boot, i can't figure out how to take off the standard one without damaging it as it is completely sealed.

i did find a replacement for the standard chinese spark plug at a lawnmower shop (after trying a motor parts store, who couldn't match it with anything)

as it is fast approching the weekend here 11:20pm friday evening, i will have to shake a leg & get some sleep, so i can (try to) be fresh for the build commencing tomorrow morning.

(lots) more questions to come i am sure.

have a good day/night where ever you are in this (not so) big wide world

scootersrme. (aka Dave.)
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