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Default Re: First build Genesis Two Nine MTB

Bike came in today around 1:30. Then another package from Pirate Cycles containing my new sprocket and adapter. Apparently the engine kit is being shipped from North Carolina, so I'll have to wait another day or two to start the engine build. Have the bike together for the most part. Still a few fine tuning things that need to be done. But its sunshine and clear cold skies for tomorrow. So perfect time for test rides and tinkering! The hub adapter fits like a glove and is rock solid. I got it on and the first thing that came to mind was "Now that's something I would trust my life to! (or at least my ***!)" Good looks on that! I can't wait to see if it fixes all my chain woes from my previous failure at attempting to build one of these kits.

I'm also now gloriously aware that I'm going to need a big beefy chain and lock for this thing. It's a black frame with neon green accents on the tubes and rims. It just stands out, even in the dark! Pic's to come from the daylight tomorrow!
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