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Default Re: Now I Have Two Half Frames!!!

Thanks for all the advice. I'll just chop the white wire off. I had ran it with the kill switch wired from black to white for about a week. That probably didn't help. I realized the error about two days before the CDI died. Now I've got a mini-gen on the parts shopping list. I'll be looking for little- to no-cost alternatives in the meantime.

I'm definitely keeping the red frame for a future project. I've just got to dig a lot of my tools out of storage first. This won't be my first custom bike build, but it will be my first frame stretch job. I'll be looking through these forums for help and advice.

I've already got a good on/off switch mounted on the chrome bar. It used to be the kill switch for the Ryobi FD. I'll probably use it as a ground disconnect. When I get the mini-gen, I'll probably add a horn and use the stock kill switch button for that. Otherwise, it would make a good brake light button.

I'm still waiting to gather the necessary funds for the CDI. In the meantime I'll be remaking the minor gaskets such as the gear box cover and mag cover gaskets.
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