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Default Re: looking foward to my motor arriving!!

Originally Posted by crazyhorse View Post
thanks for that info.
I have been doing alot of reading here so much good info.

I havent felt like such a kid for a long time.... whens my engine going to get here!!!

Probably a good thing its takeing so long as it is giving me a good chance to look at what others are doing out there.

does anyone have any suggestions where to look for some discussion on running in. I have been doing some looking and am struggling to find anything major on it except fuel oil mix and keeping the top speed down for the first 500.?
I am trying to remember stuff about it that i learned 15 years ago when i got a new two stroke ringless model airplane engine...
keep fuel to air ratio rich?
extra oil
but i cant remember about throttle whether its best to run at different levels of throttle? whether its ok to use full throttle ocasionally at moderate to low rpm during run in etc. YES, but at moderate to high rpm. Don't give full throttle @ very low rpm.

any advice appreciated
Start with the needle clip @ the second from the top for most applications, even for break-in. 24:1 Oil mix, and vary the engine speed and rpm. Where some folks differ (that's me) is that I run up the rpm to 75-90% after the engine has had time to warm up, say 5 minutes. Always with a light load, and always de-cellerate slowly too. That will get the rings seated right away. After the first 15 minutes, then let it cool and ride it varying the throttle and rpm for a tank of fuel. After that, just ride it!
Important points- Always let the engine warm up with a light load and moderate rpm. Avoid prolonged down hill runs with the throttle closed- best to pull and lock the clutch. Check your plug periodicly for a "read" of how the engine is running.


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