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Exclamation First build Genesis Two Nine MTB

Hello Everyone~!

I have been toying with the idea of a motorized bicycle for a long time now. I had previously owned a kit but sold it with the bike that I was going to put it on to settle a debt with a friend. After recently losing my job and just plain getting fed up with $200 a month for car insurance as well as $30 a week in gas, I sold my Jetta and am going to be building a motorized bicycle for my means of transportation until I can become more financially stable. Since both the bike and engine kit are scheduled to arrive today, I decided to start my build thread before they get here and see what everyone thinks.

After tons of research on this and other forums like it, I decided to order the Genesis Two Nine 29" Mountain Bike for my platform. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the cruiser type bikes and will probably build one for Summer fun eventually. But for now my biggest concern was safety / price. The balance of the components for the price was what made my decision for the bike. For $165 I was going to purchase the Schwinn Clairmont model from Walmart. To make this "road worthy" for the harsh New England winter we can get here, I was looking at adding a Monark springer fork, disc brakes, spring chain tensioner, hub adapter w/ sprocket, speedometer, headlights/taillights. By ordering the MTB, I saved quite a bit of money while still getting all the features I was looking for.

As for the engine and components. I decided to order the PK-80 type two stroke kit in black from Pirate Cycles in Worcester. I thought that the black engine would look sick-nasty on the black and green Genesis that I chose. Also this company includes a U-bolt adapter with their kits, which I thought was awesome seeing as these motors are notorious for not fitting snug with the stock hardware. Along with that engine I bought an offset intake from bikeberry to take care of the carburetor clearance issues that some people have had.

Also from Pirate cycles, I bought their custom sprocket adapter and a 36 tooth sprocket. However after reading some more I think I might need to purchase a larger sprocket for my big 29" wheels. Also I would like a more low end power and torque for the remainder of the winter. I think it will help in snowy and icy conditions with the snow/ice tires I'm asking for for my birthday.

It's raining today so I doubt I will have the space to start any actual assembly today. I'm planning on opening up the engine and checking for debris/ light cleaning. Also going to do a quick inventory of parts to make sure I have everything I need for the time being.

Any helpful advice that could be given would be much appreciated. I have plenty of experience operating two stroke engines but have never built one and never had to start a new engine for the first time. I've read a lot of different opinions on how to break the motor in, some say follow the manual and take it slow. Others say short bursts of WOT to help seat the rings and bushings and seal the engine up nice. I'm thinking of starting the first time, letting it warm up for a minute, then taking it out under load and giving it short bursts of throttle, slowing down, then bursting a little faster, slowing down. In that sort of progression. I also plan on running a full tank the first time I go out (probably going to be having too much fun to stop!)

I'll post pics as soon as I can! Happy riding y'all and stay safe!

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