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I was a total rookie in my knowledge and mechanical abilities when I first got my 2 stroke china girl center mount chain drive kit off of e-bay. I already had an old 21 speed mountain bike that had been sitting in my garage for a long time unused. I can't say that I haven't had my share of problems. I have learned a great deal about how these things work since I got started with the help of the pros on this website. I wouldn't say that my mechanical abilities were too poor to figure stuff out or that I have had any problems too great for me to fix myself. However, you will spend more than you think on accessories and replacement parts. Maintenance is required, probably far more than a moped or scooter would require. You get a lot of vibration which tend to loosen screws and nuts, you must constantly tighten things up before each ride. You need to carry some basic tools with you on the road just in case. You will find that the china made 2 stroke engines come with substandard cheap made Chinese parts, like screws with poor threads, poorly made nuts, or poor welds on things like the stock exhaust pipe, etc. You will find yourself spending extra money to replace these things. In my opinion $250 is NOT enough unless you already own a bicycle to install the kit on. I would recommend that you peddle the bike to work until you get a bit more cash before you purchase your kit. Remember if you have troubles you will have to peddle that heavy engine around until you can get the problem fixed.
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