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Your mechanical abilities will determine how reliable a 2 stroke will perform for you. Those with little to no mechanical skills find it difficult to get the Chinese 2 stroke engines to perform well and be reliable. They are the ones who will tell you to go with a 4stroke friction or chain drive. Those who have the talents to make a 2 stroke perform will swear by them and recommend them for reliable daily transportation. There are many members here who have accrued thousands of miles on the "cheap, junk, Chinese kits".

When it comes to maintenance, It doesn't take much to keep a well installed 2 stroke kit performing perfectly. It's those who don't know how to turn a wrench or posses a basic understanding of a mechanical system that will shy away from the basic Chinese in-frame engine kits and say they are poorly made junk.
You need to analyze your talents as far as mechaincs goes and make your decision based on what you feel you're comfortable with.
If you've never had experience with small engines the 2 stroke is simpler than the 4 stroke but requires a better understanding of internal combustion engines, drive systems and general mechanical skills. This will apply to the installation as well as the maintenance required to keep it performing.
Any motorized bicycle, 2 or 4 stroke as well as any mechanical system will require some degree of proficiency to keep it running/performing to it's design capabilities.

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