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Originally Posted by JonnyR View Post
welcome to the forum alot of people like the walmart cranbrook as a bike its under 100 but you can find a cheaper bike on creagslist
thanks for the name- good to have a fallback in case I can't find anything local

Originally Posted by lksdG2 View Post
hey, i found a kit locally because i was too impatient to wait for shipping for $205 and a bike locally that just needed air in the tires for $30, i also found some ape hanger bars for $20, so i built a good looking bike for $255.

when i first got it i was riding it to work 11 miles each way a few days a week and it definately needed some tinkering here and there to keep her in good shape, mostly chain tensioning but ocasionally this or that would come loose. the chain ended up irritating me beyond belief as it was stretching to ungodly lengths so i tossed it and got a new one for $24.

my bike is in its 4th life form so to speak but $279 is all ive spent other than gas and oil. i have a bunch of bikes and parts laying around though so that helped with the cost.

anyways i think if you put your mind to it and really search for the best deal (not always the cheapest) you can stay on budget. and any problem you run into has guaranteed been encountered before and discussed on this forum so do plenty of research when something goes haywire.

good luck.
well, at least I know it's possible XP now if I can only pull it off...

oh, is there a spot on this site for local sellers to advertise? it's not exactly big around here, and I'd like to try to save on shipping and possibly cut a deal by buying local...

Originally Posted by 2stroker View Post
If your looking for reliable transport dont go with a chain drive to much to go wrong..I personally ride friction kits. Theres a couple good ones. Stanton has a bike kit, theres the bumblebeebolton pretty simple kit, theres the dax kit. All good kits. very reliable..If you look through the post on this forum you will be able to see some of the problems you will have with a chinese kit..and some of the problems you wont have with a friction drive..
I'll try to find a friction drive within my price range, although I don't exactly mind having to futz with a chain every once in a while. ...just so long as that's all I have to worry about XP

Originally Posted by Greybeard View Post
Those who have built a few of these bikes have learned what is nessesary to make the somewhat reliable. Those who are noobs spend a lot of time on here asking for help. Employers don't set well with people that are late or miss work. Relying on a $250 motorbike to go 30 miles a day sounds to me like a good way to lose a job.
well, I'll admit, this is my first bike. and, with my background being in IT, I'm not exactly the best mechanic in the world. but these aren't exactly ferrari engines, either, and I was on the robotics team for a while... honestly, I'd like to spend more on it to get it to a reliable spot... but I don't have the cash. at this point, it's either rely on it until I get enough to upgrade it and risk losing the job due to its failure, or never have the job in the first place.

edit: I looked at the bumblebeebolton, and immediately said "that's just perfect! unfortunately, it's a liiiittle out of my price range... for the entire bike... but now I must have it, so I'm going to try to find a way...

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