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Originally Posted by Neph View Post
and I need help from top to bottom.

ok, here's the situation: I've got a pretty good chance at getting a job. I've been out of work for quite a while due to some poor choices in fields, so this i a godsend. only problem is, it's 15 miles away- too far to walk. checked the bus routes, they're no help either. I'm out in Kansas, and I've got a budget of around $250 to try to get transport. I've been wanting to build a motorbycicle for a long time, due to disagreeing with cars on issues of safety. to me, this seem like the perfect time- right when I need transport the most.

so, first question: is this even a good idea? my mom doesn't seem to think so. I told her a lot of people use it elsewhere in the country, and I've even seen a gas-powered around town before, but she seems to think that "that's all well and good where they live- where they tolerate that kinda thing... but here, people will hit you just on principal!" ok, I admit there's safety concerns, and honestly there's also the issues of reliability and complexity- I've done some mechanical things before, but grease monkey, I'm not.

second question, tying in with the first: is it even possible to come in around budget? I've got some friends in the area, and can borrow some small amounts, but nothing huge. a quick net search gave me King's motors with an engine at $160 and amazon with a bike at $108, putting me just overbudget at $268, although I'm sure I can try to find a bike cheaper locally.

on the other hand, this site says buyer bewared with the chinise stuff... I'm sure it'd work until I get enough paychecks to upgrade, with regular maintenance, right?

edit: question three: is it legal? the links over in the legal section are dead...
If your looking for reliable transport dont go with a chain drive to much to go wrong..I personally ride friction kits. Theres a couple good ones. Stanton has a bike kit, theres the bumblebeebolton pretty simple kit, theres the dax kit. All good kits. very reliable..If you look through the post on this forum you will be able to see some of the problems you will have with a chinese kit..and some of the problems you wont have with a friction drive..
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