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hey, i found a kit locally because i was too impatient to wait for shipping for $205 and a bike locally that just needed air in the tires for $30, i also found some ape hanger bars for $20, so i built a good looking bike for $255.

when i first got it i was riding it to work 11 miles each way a few days a week and it definately needed some tinkering here and there to keep her in good shape, mostly chain tensioning but ocasionally this or that would come loose. the chain ended up irritating me beyond belief as it was stretching to ungodly lengths so i tossed it and got a new one for $24.

my bike is in its 4th life form so to speak but $279 is all ive spent other than gas and oil. i have a bunch of bikes and parts laying around though so that helped with the cost.

anyways i think if you put your mind to it and really search for the best deal (not always the cheapest) you can stay on budget. and any problem you run into has guaranteed been encountered before and discussed on this forum so do plenty of research when something goes haywire.

good luck.
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