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Default Re: Motor Tear Down after crank got stuck

I had a stuck crank too. I didn't want to do a tear down, so I figured I'd do what I could and replace the whole thing if necessary. To get the crank spinning again, I used a fairly wide hex-shaft screw driver along with an adjustable wrench on the screw that holds the little gear on in the gear box. I cranked until I almost stripped the screw, then the motor finally budged. I did this with the jug and piston removed. The crank was binding at a certain point of rotation, so I just kept working it back and forth, all the while spraying in a ton of WD40. (I know, not the best stuff for this application.) Eventually the friction lessened enough to spin the crank by spinning the rear wheel. I flipped her over and just started spinning the wheel. I had to unbind it every now and then. About a half hour of this later, I was able reassemble the motor and fire it up.

There is now no binding or apparent dragging due to whatever it is that was wrong.

I know this isn't the best method for fixing a motor, but you do what you gotta do with what you have to do it with, right?
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