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Default completely new

and I need help from top to bottom.

ok, here's the situation: I've got a pretty good chance at getting a job. I've been out of work for quite a while due to some poor choices in fields, so this i a godsend. only problem is, it's 15 miles away- too far to walk. checked the bus routes, they're no help either. I'm out in Kansas, and I've got a budget of around $250 to try to get transport. I've been wanting to build a motorbycicle for a long time, due to disagreeing with cars on issues of safety. to me, this seem like the perfect time- right when I need transport the most.

so, first question: is this even a good idea? my mom doesn't seem to think so. I told her a lot of people use it elsewhere in the country, and I've even seen a gas-powered around town before, but she seems to think that "that's all well and good where they live- where they tolerate that kinda thing... but here, people will hit you just on principal!" ok, I admit there's safety concerns, and honestly there's also the issues of reliability and complexity- I've done some mechanical things before, but grease monkey, I'm not.

second question, tying in with the first: is it even possible to come in around budget? I've got some friends in the area, and can borrow some small amounts, but nothing huge. a quick net search gave me King's motors with an engine at $160 and amazon with a bike at $108, putting me just overbudget at $268, although I'm sure I can try to find a bike cheaper locally.

on the other hand, this site says buyer bewared with the chinise stuff... I'm sure it'd work until I get enough paychecks to upgrade, with regular maintenance, right?

edit: question three: is it legal? the links over in the legal section are dead...

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