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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
Boygofast sells this one cheap enough. It also attaches to the front axle, and looks like a mount hole for a upper clamp or whatever.
I am using V brakes on a bike that only had coaster brakes and now has pedal crank swapped for dirt bike foot pegs.

Slower speed like 5 mph on dirt I can skid the rear tire. Together front and rear at like 10 mph can stop pretty good, but this is with my ratio at 40:1 parade speed set up. I will for dirt bike have 20:1 change over.

I see with 9 bucks shipping and some tax under 35 bucks.

I am going to see if there are any in local stores that can compete with this.

Apples and Oranges quality maybe have to make some adjust for comparison, but I when looking at drum brakes had seen usually from 50 on up to maybe 150 bucks and was quite against going to a more powerful stopping brake system.

I also like the idea that wet conditions are not as bad where the exposed components are compared with rim brake systems. Drum though with spoke lacing cost I know you can add to the cost where I can tackle the disk assembly I think!

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