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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Fixed my clutch cable. It was loose and a strand had broken and begun to unwind, so I just unwound that strand the whole way up to the barrel, and cut the rest off the end where it had also frayed pretty bad. I had to shorten the cable sheath a little, but its fixed and I should get some more mileage out of this cable. I have another cable I can use, but it has a smaller barrel than the cable that's on there now. I also carried the bike up out of the basement, which was not all that fun, because the angle of the steps and the weight of the bike make it not all that easy. The bike had been in the basement since Sandy hit. The bike weighs a freaking ton. I think I may take the bike to the garage around the corner and see if they can weigh it for me tomorrow. I am curious to know what this thing actually weighs.

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