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Default Re: Clever Bike Names

Originally Posted by Beachcomber View Post
I find names tend to suddenly "happen". Either based around a colourway or an ethos or whatever.
I agree. Thank you helping me. The name is already happened, I just had to figure out what it is.

I have to think back to when I first laid eyes on this bike. I picked it up in July, after waiting 12 weeks for it to arrive. It turns out from Cambodia, not China like everyone thinks.

I wasn't concerned about how long it was taking, because I needed time to come up with an explanation for the ball and chain. I didn't consult with her beforehand about why I needed this bicycle, and it cost almost $800 out the door. Even I think that's a lot for a single speed beach cruiser, with just a coaster brake, but it tends to make tiny little woman brains explode like a nuclear bomb. It took almost 5 weeks before the SHTF when she noticed it on the credit card bill lol.

This model wasn't really my first choice. I wanted to buy a Chief, but they were discontinued, and sold out. This bike is a new model for 2012, and the closest looking bike to a Chief. I had never seen either one in the flesh anyway.

Finally after 12 weeks the bike shop called to tell me it's here. I drove there that afternoon in my van to pick it up. When I walked in the shop I didn't see it right off, because it was parked behind a counter out of sight. The shop manager rolled it out onto the showroom floor in front of me.

My reaction was stunned silence. What hits you first is the color, and quality of the paint. It's much better than anything you expect on a bicycle. Then the shape of the tank frame. It's magnificent. Then the red fatty wheels. In spite of all this my outward reaction was very subdued. I thanked them for getting it for me, said it looked great, and rolled it outside with little fanfare.

Since then it's mostly been sitting in my living room with probably less than 5 miles total on it in all this time. But now the urge to turn it into a motorized bicycle is finally overcoming my desire to just look, and admire it's stunning looks.

As a matter of fact, it just hit me. That's what it's name is. What it said to me the first moment I laid eyes on it. The reaction was so violent it's taken me over 5 months to recover my senses.

May I introduce Stunner, which means, one that stuns, or is stunning.

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