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I have it going, and going well it does. I tell you what though, it sure doesn't like the hills here though. Funny thing happened though. At about 30 MPH, the dern bike shakes pretty good, and the chinese guys that assembled the parts must have forgotten to properly tighten the screws on the exhaust, so the little thing (inside the exhaust muffler) came right out when I was riding. Strange thing was that the bike ran a lot better when that happened. It ran quicker, with more power, and a more responsive throttle. I know what has been said about the "lack of performance benefit but more noise" but honestly I prefer everything quiet and I was wearing earplugs when it came out so I feel that I honestly felt a performance difference. Regardless, it does feel a little bottled up with the muffler thing there so maybe I'll toy with it to make it quiet with the same feels I had previous. Something along the lines of a flowmaster internals. I am thinking some polyurethane (sp?) mount to help and try to absorb some of the vibrations. Also the bike feels like it is lunging forward sometimes throughout the ride. Could be the chain being a little loose, so I will check it tomorrow if the tornado doesn't hit tonight.

Other than that, I broke the clutch lever (the one on the handle bars) and took off the lever that was my back brakes and tried to replace it with that. I had to modify it though because there was not enough reach when the lever was pulled to disengage the clutch. After a little bit of filing and a little ingenuity, it came together... almost pretty. This thing is all kind of rigged up.

The next thing on my list is lights (hopefully powered by a dynamo+battery), storage rack in the back, and a brake lever for the back brakes.

Cheers gents, I couldn't and cannot do this without you guys constant support and willingness to help some dumb old cowboy out.

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