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Originally Posted by stephen braithwaite View Post
I have bought a zbox engine, and it has taken me a while to set it up on my bike. I
am at the stage where I will soon purchase fuel and put some in the tank
to try it for the first time.

My concern is that the instructions state that you should add loctite to head bolts and torque them to 12...
Well I would have to undo the head bolts to put loctite on the studs. I
am a bit apprehensive about doing this. I have never removed the head
from a motor before.
For me, I did not put loctite on the studs. But I did remove the head and put a little head gasket sealant on the aluminum head gasket. I just retightened the bolts and nuts in an 'x' pattern after 1 hour engine run on the first 5 full tanks. After that, the nuts and bolts did not come loose anymore.

For a thorough disassembly intstructions:

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