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Default Re: New Old guy - England

Yeomans isn't far from you. I don't know what they have lying about, but it's a reasonable place to start.

Also, over outside Malvern is Paul Harker. He has a lot of odd and sometimes rare bikes about (he actually had a bunch of pre flying torch MZs in a few years back). I don't have a number for him.

There's this page here: and that page there for more info:

The garage, make it as secure as you can, once you start fettling in it, people will get nosy and then you have to worry about thieving gits. I have an up and over door, and 2 padlock tabs of my own going through it from mounts screwed to the frame as well as the mickey mouse standard lock. Power, see what you can get in the generator line, more watts the better, so you can practice with an Aldi cheap stick welder.

Get yourself over to Dudley on Wednesday, see what's what, get on the email list with them:

Hope this has been some help.

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