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Default Re: New Old guy - England

Originally Posted by Ludwig II View Post
Welcome from B37. Dougy's up in Southport and has been through SVA to register, I've gathered mucho info as well, and am slowly collecting bits for my own build.

Will you be going rigid with the boardie, and will you buy and modify a chop frame or make your own?
Thanx for the welcome Ludwig.

I'll be posting up on a build thread soon, but essentially my Boardie will be built to be ridden. Thus - rigid rear - suspended front.

I'm hoping to gain inspiration / help on this forum. I have accumulated most of the parts I need for the build, but am as yet undecided about the front braking - small drum for looks - or disc/s for self preservation !

I have a firm idea about the style of the frame, but due to tight funding I will have to contemplate a self build. In any case, nobody outside the US currently makes this style of frame - and $1800 + shipping is out of the question for something that would have to be modified anyway for my power plant.

I have another plan on the boil using a smaller powerplant [ v twin ], but thst will have to wait until my BMW Streetfighter and TR1 60's style Cafe Racer are finished !
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