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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by VIKTR View Post
I have it mounted stock (between the pedals)... I have it secured at the engine and to the frame though - too much vibration not to

Is the whining noise the clutch? If it is the change in engine rpm's you're referring to then it's just the jackshaft changing gears
I got a strap for mine, a little too big. GAH!!

Yeah, it sounded like the clutch to me, I know the difference between a gear shift and the clutch whining.
Then again, I've never heard mine since I have an open exhaust.

That little bit of carb tuning I did has greatly improved ridability. I don't have to turn the choke on to get more fuel now. It 4 strokes a bit a full throttle but it's not bad. Hit 39 mph yesterday downhill.
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