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Default Re: I Might Be Selling My Bike

Price of gas does not change my riding style whatsoever.
This morning it was way cold out,enough to dust off my leather jacket.
I seriously contemplated taking the F-150 out to run my errands. As I was taking my engine from Cronus and transferring it to my Trike I took the Trike out around the block to test out my 14 tooth I just put on there replacing the 12 tooth on the jack shaft over the weekend and it pulls hills quite nicely now even though top speed is lowered but that's okay it's a pedal trike.
Next thing I know I'm headed over to Kaiser Permanente to pick up my wife's meds. Then I figured since I'm out here anyway and have my doggie cage in back I may as well do my other errands and then do my shopping. I wish I would have taken a pic but I shopped for groceries in a grocery cart and bought everything I needed. It's absolutely amazing how a cart load of groceries can fit in my doggie cage quite easily.
Then I went home and unpacked.
About an hour ago I sat in my F-150 I call Luther and started cleaning out the interior. Then I took it around the block.
If this truck is a 4 wheel drive it's a no brainer I need this truck. But it's a two wheel drive. I may still need it when I have a lot to haul or if I need to take my host home guy to a doctor's appointment. And in the wintertime I have tire chains for that once every two years blizzard where anything less than a 4x4 you're in trouble.
It's my only personal vehicle that needs the powers of the DMV besides my wife's car and my kids cars.
But most of the year it just sits there. I'll take it around the block at least once a week so my tires don't get flat spots and my gas don't go stale or that once a month on the average ride to take my host home guy to the doctor's.
Who knows,maybe when alternate fuels kick in and we need gas less it could in theory drop down to Clinton years remember 99 cent gas?
When that happens,people may approach me and ask me "why" when I carry a valid drivers license and have a perfectly drivable Ford F-150 truck right there.
My answer is "because I can."

God Bless America!

MrL. I think you may do better keeping the bike and saving up for them tires. Yes winter is coming and the bike will just sit there anyway,but after you get those tires then you stare at your truck tires and see what you lost to gain a large chunk of rubber that will last you 50,000 miles if you're absolutely lucky with alignment appointments and 20,000 miles without alignments and sometimes even less.
My truck never ever saw new tires regardless. I buy used and save a bundle. And I only change the tires that approach the strip bars. And I do my own rotations.
I ride my bikes year around so I would never make a choice like that,but then again,you can always rebuild.

Oh and when I filled up this morning it wouldn't take the entire 50 cents! It only took 30 cents. The remainder 20 cents went in my spare gas canteen.
You have found the fountain of youth. Ride and forever stay young.

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