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Default Greetings from Metro Detroit

I stumbled across this site quite by accident, and have to confess that I had never contemplated motorizing a bicycle although I was familiar with them. I like to tinker with mechanical stuff and prefer vintage over modern. I like vintage travel trailers; we are currently either up to or down to 4 campers, depending upon your perspective. We also has a 1958 Nash/AMC Metropolitan that I get to wrench on occasionally. They were built in Longbridge England so they're all Brit under the hood. I had an interesting work meeting today with a guy who builds road race cars and he mentioned that he prefers British. When I found out that he can squeeze 150hp out of a 1500cc engine that is identical to the 55hp model in our car that also got me to thinking.

The reason I decided to register is twofold; first, the motorbikes I have seen here look like they're really cool and lots of fun, and potentially within my skillsets for building one. Second, I bought my wife a beat-up Schwinn Hollywood that needs a total restoration. So I got to wondering if it can be motorized because it's a woman's model. I haven't been able to find anything out by searching google. I am sure that there is a forum on here for asking that question specifically so I'll go look for it next.

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