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Default Bending axles? possible $3 fix

My current motorized bicycle project is the cylinder forward 212cc preddy(build can be seen in the DIY forum).

One of the challenges I'm facing is bending rear axles on a multispeed freewheel hub, even chromoly axles. Sure, I could buy a different hub, but this is a tight budget build. I could also raid the local bike shops, but I'd probably wouldn't find much that would fit into my budget. (aka, no free-bee's) And so, I set out to find a way to beef up that stock hub.

What I found was the hub's weak point is that its design leaves a good portion of unsupported axle on the freewheel side, which is prone for bending axles, and is where I'm bending axles. I've also discovered that the freewheel that take the fr-1 type tool are roughly 7/8 id while that 9mm axle is roughly 3/8 od.

So I spent less than $3 on a 7/8od 3/8id bearing and installed it. Build w/pics will be on their way shortly.
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