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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I'm OK everybody, all except for my pride. What little of it I had left from my first wreck got left on the road this time for sure.
I stayed the night at my girlfriends apartment and locked my bike up outside. She is blind and lives in a secured facility. A LOT of other types live there also because they can't be left on their own without some supervision. WELL. my gooseneck stem was tight when I rode it there. I took 2 pedals, popped the clutch and the front wheel went one way, my handlebars went the other way and I went another direction, AGAIN. I KNOW one of the mentally challenged persons there had to loosen it, (Hey, WATCH THIS, IT'S GONNA BE FUNNY.)
Like I said, it wasn't loose when I rode it there. Now I need to replace a cracked neck, a broken windscreen and straighten out my turn signal brackets and a few other things.
From now on it goes in the apartment, gas smell or not.
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