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Default Re: Engine advice needed

LOL! not kidding here. I bought a $199 Comet CVT. Now you can buy a $3 bushing to raise the 5/8 PTO to 3/4 and mod it with a grinder. LOL... wait, gonna find a PM. is way funnier. (I gotta stop making fun of my friends who spend 2K on golf clubs) Can't find it.

So, I get POed and buy, not kidding, a $800 mill lathe to make one.

But ran out of room to use it. So built a shop.

So far, instead of using a $13 grinder to mod a $3 part has cost me my life savings and $14 dollars.

....and I have yet to make that Gotdang bushing!

it is only money and now I have some cool stuff.
worst apocalypse ever

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