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Default Re: 66cc won't fire?

Originally Posted by Apollo 66 View Post
Thanks guys

Al, I have performed all the electrical meter tests including re soldering all connections. It then fired up and I rode it for about ten minutes. Let it sit for half an hour and it wouldn't start again. Even with starting fluid sprayed down the spark plug chamber. I will install the stock exhaust and report back.

Johnny, I have half a dozen jets and tried a couple of them. Performed spark plug chop and all seems good. I reinstalled the stock carby and it still didn't fire. Rode it around for a while with the plug off , choke off and throttle open to clear any gas. Still nothing.

Will persevere.
If it won't fire, I suspect a electrical problem, low compression will also cause the engine not to start. But if the plug wire won't fire, then it is electrical. I have seen coils act that way.
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