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Default Re: Engine advice needed

Bummer about the Whizzer Shew.

These crazy things really are addicting. It is functional art that you can ride. They are an education in art, math, electronics and mechanics. When I am out working on one, my wife tells people; "He's happy, in his element and not off racing barstools or chasing woman" LOL.

Not a suggestion but what I tell friends, start with an relatively cheap ChinaGirl and see what you really want later.

Of cource it starts out with a cheap little engine kit but is just a hobby. Then you need a welder. Then a drill press. The drill press is the true gateway tool. You tell your self you can quit any time but just have to have a mill, then a lathe.

Then you run out of garage space and have to build a shop.........
worst apocalypse ever
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