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Default Re: Engine advice needed

Well as (my) luck would have it, the S.O.B. that I was buying the Whizzer from sold it out from underneath me! I spoke to him Thursday night and told him that I would take it and asked if he needed a deposit. He told me no that I could just pay him for it when I picked it up on Sunday. I then told him that I would contact him over the weekend with a time for Sunday an left it at that.
I contacted him first thing Saturday morning (as I said I would) and he told me that since he hadn't heard from me that Friday evening that he wasn't sure I was still interested so he sold it to the next in line.
For those of you that are going to say it... YES I know that I should have made time that very evening to go pick it up, but being a family man it's easier said than done sometimes. Especially when it's 95 miles away.
Anyway, I guess it's back to the China girl.
Any suggestions on who to buy from before I pull the trigger?
I was originally going to buy from Pirate Cycles but can't get an answer on the phone or an email answered so that's out.
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