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Default Re: Clever Bike Names

Since mine is a blue 1995 Schwinn , 100th anniversary Clear Creek M/B I call her "Ole Blue" Motor has over 1300 miles on her and seems to run better and better as time goes on. In her hay day she topped out for me at 38.01 M.P.H. the other day I got into it after a guy cut me off in my neighbor hood ..HE JUST HAD TO PASS me because I was on a bike he did it on a curve a car was coming the other way to the truck it was hit the car or me I saw it coming and rode up on the soft shoulder just as the a hole cut the wheel of the truck , The truck would have made mincemeat out of me had I not reacted the way I did The pick up truck was a Cape & Island Tire company pick up truck " Moral to this rant after I calmed down and looked at my speedo "Ole Blue" had hit a top speed of 35.7 M.P.H. so not to bad a a drop in top speed over year later & just your basic maintenance

P.S. Miss you Sarge!!!!

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