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Default Re: Clever Bike Names

My bike is nearly all black now, and finally built exactly how I want it, so I feel that a name change is in order. First I will go through all the different names I have used. My first bike was called The Beast, because it handled everything I threw at it during a time in my life where I didnt want to stay home because of things I was going through, and was also over the course of a rough winter. I only called her that, never anything else. My current bike has had different names with each transformation she has undergone. I first called her Pretty Hate Machine, after she was built and still had her factory paint job. When I briefly used the engine from The Beast on this bike, I called it The Beast Reborn, in honor of her fallen sister. I have also called her Lucky 13 and Something Wicked after other transformations she has undergone. But none of those names ever seemed to really fit that well, maybe because I knew I wasn't done with her. At this point, she is painted the way I like and I have all the upgraded parts I am ever going to want. Even in the event that I should decide to add more upgrades later on, her paint job and overall look and feel are not going to change. So this time, she is getting a name that's going to stick, one that I truly believe she deserves and is going to fit her well. I shall call her, The Dark Rider.
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