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Default Re: New China bike just built! 700c Thruster walmart

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
I never brake in the middle of a turn unless I'm perilously close to ending up left of center. I usually brake before making a turn. As far as the jealousy (and dont worry, I didnt take it in a negative way), I know how you feel. I started with a stock huffy cranbrook and a stock motor kit with no accessories and no customization (my second bike - first one was a kmart special, but pretty much the same, completely stock). It's taken me 2 years to gather all the parts I wanted for this bike, most of them scavenged from abandoned/thrown away bikes. So buy what you can afford, and use what you can find. Keep your eye out around your neighborhood and wherever you travel. That's mostly what I did. It may take awhile, but eventually you will have all the parts you want. I have been into this hobby for a little over 3 years now, and I finally have a bike that's built and customized the way I like.
I've been into it a few years more then you, but this it the first bike I built from brand new,(Wallmart Cranbrook,) and put EVERYTHING I could into it. It'll get there one day. I have a friend with a LARGE supply of used parts and another friend with a LBS. It's just a matter of time and money. I still think ya got a cool bike. I'll post a pic of mine later. I did more stuff to it and want to post an updated picture.
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