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Default hello from marietta Georgia

Hi My name Ian Skoonberg, I'm 19,and I'm a student at a local college. and I'm looking to build a bike to commute. I've spent the last couple weeks reading up and down these forums and I'm really excited to get involved in such a cool community.
so currently I have a couple concerns
frame: so I've looked around and as far as I can tell people don't think road bikes are the best option. My understanding from what I've gathered so far is that there is concern that the tires or spokes can go out on you. this seems odd considering that road bikes are designed to go fast I mean you can easily get up to 45 mph on a downhill without breaking a sweat. I'm interested in a road bike for a couple of reasons. A they have a lot more space to work with.B for the commute I'm looking at I really am going to need some extra foot power. There's a pretty large hill on a stretch that's got a speed limit of 45, and while the only traffic on the road comes in waves (there are some pretty long timers on the lights at both ends of this road) some people still like to speed on the road at close to 60. I don't really know how fast I would need to go to feel safe, but I'm thinking at least 35 on the hill, and from my experience riding bikes a road bike can blow any other bike out of the water when it comes to performance. so here's the question, are road bikes a serious safety concern, and is there a potential for extra foot power on a road bike, or will I not be able to keep up with the engine? (I'm also looking at a jackshaft kit how does having an engine attached directly to the pedal side gear system affect your ability to pedal at full throttle on the engine?)

engine: I've been looking at getting a two stroke 66cc skyhawk or a 4 stroke 49cc skyhawk. (not really set on a skyhawks it just seems to be what's available) it comes down to a few things, power concerns are at the top of the list though. To my understanding the little china engines are better on the performance end of things, but not on reliability. does anyone have a good grip on how much extra power I could get from a two stroke? would it be enough to get me going a safe speed up the hill in my commute? also as I live in georgia if I stay below 50cc I don't have to get it registered, pay insurance, and get a motorcycle license. are there any other factors you would consider? what do you guys think my best option is?
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