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Default Re: New China bike just built! 700c Thruster walmart

Originally Posted by 2stroker View Post
Wow only 27mph outta an 80cc engine. My 26cc goes 30mph.It gets 200mpg. I have 4,000mile and i have only changed my drive wheel 4 times..bout 20mins of tinkering total.

I like coaster brakes. Your engine probally knocking because its cheaply casted aluminum. Those engines dont last long. theres another forum. and theres a guy named fabian that swears by em. and i asked him how many miles his bike has and he says 6,000. then he says oh and i have only gone through 8 i laughed hard and told him ya i have gone 4,000 and im on my 1st kit..hehe
I dunno why they make a 80cc engine for bicycle. a bicycle is made for out put of a human about 1/8th of a horse power or 25cc. I hope you figure your kit out and have fun. I recommend you bring a tool pouch. you might need it.
You're right about one thing FOR SURE 2stroker, 27mph sucks. But in defence of cheap chinese two strokes, they ARE cheap. I don't think you paid $120 for your COMPLETE engine kit. Also, The casting of the engine won't cause it to knock. A cheap piston bushing instead of a bearing might cause that. I always check and replace if I get one. I don't know what fabian is doing wrong, but I'm on my second engine in almost 9 years, (sold the first one.) And I ride my bike almost every day. And you didn't mention how many tires you went through.
I'm glad you're happy with your coaster brakes, you must have the best coasters in the world. I've had a few bikes with them and what I've learned is they either won't stop you or they just lock up. Last time that happend I wound up on the asphault.
Anyway bro, to each his own. I like my 66/80cc cheapo chinese 2 stroke. If it does break it's always a (cheap,) easy fix. And as for carrying tools, EVERYONE that rides a motorized ANYTHING should at least carry the basics, including you just cause ya never know.

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