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Default Re: New China bike just built! 700c Thruster walmart

Originally Posted by xcspirit View Post
Just got done with a build! Ive been crusing all over town and have received alot of compliments. 80cc on a 700c Thruster from Walmart. Got the kit off Ebay.

A few things Ive noticed.
I need disc brakes...
My engine sounds like it knocks...
Doesnt idle well...screw doesnt do much...Ive adjusted the carb severl times...
Dont think I get 100 MPG...
I can got 27 MPH...
o and the fuel filter only has a little bit of gas in it all the time...
20:1 mix...can I go with 32:1???

anyone have any comments on those things that would be great!!!

other than that I think it runs great!
Wow only 27mph outta an 80cc engine. My 26cc goes 30mph.It gets 200mpg. I have 4,000mile and i have only changed my drive wheel 4 times..bout 20mins of tinkering total.

I like coaster brakes. Your engine probally knocking because its cheaply casted aluminum. Those engines dont last long. theres another forum. and theres a guy named fabian that swears by em. and i asked him how many miles his bike has and he says 6,000. then he says oh and i have only gone through 8 i laughed hard and told him ya i have gone 4,000 and im on my 1st kit..hehe
I dunno why they make a 80cc engine for bicycle. a bicycle is made for out put of a human about 1/8th of a horse power or 25cc. I hope you figure your kit out and have fun. I recommend you bring a tool pouch. you might need it.
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