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Default Re: Need help with repair

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
If Liquid Wrench loosened the piston, then it was stuck to the cylinder. Spraying liquid wrench around the piston would not loosen anything in the crankcase (bottom end).
I believe somewhere in this thread he said that he got the jug removed and there was still something in the bottom end that was preventing the piston from moving. So it seems he has a problem in the bottom end if that is accurate info....

Hopefully the other local rider will be able to help him out, cause it seems someone with more experience with motors should be able to fix this one up pretty easily. The problem is, the OP can't identify the motor or the actual problem in the motor. If someone with more experience could look at it (or he could post a picture perhaps) I think the motor type and actual problem could be identified and possibly repaired.
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