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Default First build, NEED HELP!

Hello everybody,

I'm sorry if someone posted this already, but I looked.

I feel a bit overwhelmed on how many options there are to build a bike, and I don't want to waste anyone's time over the phone.

I wanted to know which frame is best to suit me, anyone who's had different frames. I was thinking about building a beach cruiser, because they seem sturdy. I want to use it as a daily rider, and I'm probably going to be putting in about 10-15 miles a day on it, more on errand days. I ride through Orlando, FL and for the most part I'll have a street to ride on, but i want to have the option to ride on the grass, if i have to, or go off road a bit, but not off the grid.

Also, I was thinking about using a 4 stroke engine because it requires less maintenance, but i don't want to lose speed or acceleration. I won't have as much time to mess with the engine as much as i would like to, but i do plan on upgrading this and that to add power or speed.

tl;dr I want a snappy, comfortable, sturdy bike. HALP!
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